OMG!  Why didn’t I spot this obvious mistake?! 

Such missteps can be very costly!

Critical errors in your book can be fatal and will greatly affect the chances of getting your book published. Very often, mistakes escape the prying eyes of authors, no matter how obvious they may be. 

Having a professional editor is one of the most important steps you should take before you are ready to get your book published. While, sure, you're capable of performing your own checks, it's much better to have another set of eyes help you look for anything you may have missed out. Being too attached to one's own writing can cause a person to be more lenient, after all.  Even the friends and family you rely on are bound to be biased at times, such that they are unable to point out your mistakes... And the disastrous consequences that ensue can be the author's downfall.

It pays (much more, might we add) to save on the cost of getting a proper editorial done for your manuscript. You'll want your book to be at its best when it greets the world, not haphazardly rush its release without proper reviewing. It is not worth sacrificing your book in favour of impatience, making a quick buck, or complacence before it even gets published.

Drop us a note and we will advise you further on how we can help you polish up your manuscript before publishing.